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This site is owned and operated by
Master Service Technician Steven R. Waite
Formally of Mike's Lawnmower Shop (1999)
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Economy Power King Tractors, Bob-Cat Snowthrowers, Cub Cadet Parts!!!
Steve's Small Engine Repair Tips!

1) If your lawnmower doesn't start, try changing the spark plug is the easiest and least expensive thing to do. The plug may be fouled.

2) If you have spark, then check to see if you have water in the gas.
Be Careful of fumes! I always drain what's in the carburator into a small glass jar, and if there's any water in the fuel, it will collect on the bottom. It only takes a small drop or two to stop the engine from running.
3) If you ran over a large stone or root and your mower stopped short, then you probably sheared the key that keeps your engine in time, that's why it will not start. You have to disassemble your mower down to the crankshaft on top(where special tools are needed to pull the flywheel off) or take it to your local dealer for repair.
4) Your engine is popping through the carburetor and it's just not running right, check your plug first, which is the easiest and least expensive also, then check your timing, the flywheel key could be partially sheared or it may be time to recondition the valves. Pull the breather box off and check the valve lash at TDC Top Dead Center. If it is less than the specification states then you could loose the tappet clearance and the valve isn't closing all the way and the engine is loosing compression. As soon as that is corrected it will be running like new again.
Check back for more free tips!
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1979 Power King 2418 with a MTD 2 stage 45" Snowthrower, the one pictured is SOLD.
I have since installed a 45" 2 stage thrower that throws 35-40 ft , also comes with 48" mowing deck and 3 pt cat 0 hitch. For Sale....Email me at or Call for Details.
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